Your Holocaust

The ignition in your being, a voracious fiery disaster.
Feel the scorching fire; let it burn.
Why not go ahead, sit in those incandescent radioactive coals.
Let your flesh be lit alive with crimson red flames, let the aura of the flares radiate your silhouette.
That blistering fire havocking inside no one can put out; yes, you just have to let it burn.
Let it consume you, a holocaust.
Don’t ask why, for you can’t see.
The smoke is blinding and impairing, the reason you can’t conceive .
Just feel.
You can’t burn forever.
Energy comes, energy goes, thermodynamics.
When the morning comes, you’ll see what’s left.
There in the ashes you’ll find a your clue.
Scatter your ashes, make it worth something.
This meaning… only you can formulate and decipher.
Or the wind will swipe away your remains.
So simple, yet so daunting.
This cremation of excruciating emotion.


Love, beauty and truth…

What are we here for if not to leave this world a little more beautiful than it was before?
But when I say beautiful I don’t mean simply in the aesthetic sense… Sure it’s nice to have pretty things to look at, but I think the current media and marketing enterprises this consumeristic society impulses already do a very good job at bombarding us with eye pleasing cosmetic ideals…

I’m talking about a transcendental type of beauty, one which can withstand the evolving concepts and changing fashions of cultures throughout the centuries, one which is available to anyone, male or female, young or old, rich or poor. Not a fleeting, flimsy ideal, but a sturdy kind of beauty we can all perceive and embody…

Oh! to be beautiful… A lot has been said about beauty. A quality that’s always been held in high-esteem and is especially embraced and dare I say, possibly distorted and taken advantage of in our current capitalistic western society of the rich, famous and seemingly beautiful….
In this materialistic world that seems to be increasingly concerned with achieving ideals of lavish majesty and grandeur through our surroundings and encouraging the spending of our efforts and resources into manipulating our facades to comply with the ever changing epitomes of physical attractiveness, in this superficially deceiving world where nothing is what it is seems anymore, just what is beauty? And is it even worth admiring and/or pursuing?

But isn’t the concept of beauty ambiguous and dynamic, subject to a society’s forever changing standards of what is considered attractive?

Although trying to define beauty just like any other virtue or moral concept can be met with skepticism, an even though many will try and argue the subjectivity of primordial principles such as good and evil, I believe that really, the truth is that when we lie in bed alone at night and put our hands in our hearts and consciously examine our intentions and values, we instinctively know and can intuitively differentiate on a very basic level between “the bad” that which causes harm and anguish or brings about destruction and “the good” that benign act and positive contribution which is for the betterment or wellbeing of self or another…

In the same manner, I believe that when it comes to “beauty” or standards of physical attractiveness, there are certain very well founded characteristics we can all agree make up what’s become known as “classic timeless beauty”; harmonious proportion, symmetrical, youthful and healthy looking features, “the golden ratio”, will always withstand the test of time. Certain visual qualities will always be appealing now and a hundred years back and into the future, here and in China or in the most remote village on earth as long as we remain human…
Therefore perhaps it’s not a vain or futile enterprise to examine and question our concept of beauty beyond that narcissistic, masticated ideal mass media tries to sell us…

A quick google search grants us with the common widely held definition of beauty which is “that which is pleasing to the senses”, thus from this definition alone it’s inevitable to arrive at the evident conclusion that to be beautiful or cultivate beauty one has to be more than just visually agreeable… For can we not perceive stimuli with more than just our eyes? Yet why is our culture so pedantically obsessed with simply prunning our looks? Isn’t it a wonder how beauty would be perceived by our other senses? Would we be destitute and oblivious to the presence of beauty is we were visually impaired? I believe that to prevent this situation, thankfully we have been all been blessed with a vital and reliable receptor, one which can not be deceived and we can always count on to recognise real beauty all around us… Our hearts.

Retracing the origins of our notion of the word beauty, perhaps it’s not unintended that in its etymology, “beauty” apart from physical attractiveness its also identified with “goodness and courtesy”. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that in Classical Greek the word “καλός” for beautiful can also be translated as “good, right, noble, moral, virtuous”.
Perhaps Plato’s ancient intuition was right when he theorised in the Symposium that beauty was a form of gateway or first stepping stone towards ascending into higher moral virtues…
So perhaps it’s time we stop neglecting or misusing the concept of beauty in merely banal endeavours but instead focus on another more virtuous and benevolent side of the beautiful.

I find it both comforting and empowering to know that even if some of us might have any of our basic 5 senses impaired, and so be disabled to participate in some aspect of sensual beauty, we all without exception have the capacity to discern and experience real beauty to its true extent given our intrinsic capacity to nurture and delight in beautiful hearts full of kindness, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, respect, understanding, courage, wonder, joy, hope, faith; love.

I believe that although the physical concept of what is considered attractive will always be subject to alterations and even though the depictions of the ultimately beautiful tangible human form will vary to some degree; in the end the most valuable and honorable qualities integrated in a truly, timelessly beautiful person are perhaps more noble, unseen and ethereal, yet will endure the test of time and transcend subjective definitions…

So instead of spending more precious time looking in the mirror, taking and deleting “selfies”, more hard earned dollars trying to upkeep a perpetually modifiable “stylish” wardrobe or any other more efforts (from resorting plastic surgery to being more or less crippled “our problem areas”) in external pursuits of beauty, isn’t it time we started aspiring towards a more durable and resilient, pure and true kind of beauty?
The one which will still be evident even after our skin inevitably wrinkles and our bodies decay.

So instead of any more cutting, pulling and plucking out of hairs, how about pulling out the weeds of jealousy, envy and discord from our hearts?
Instead of disposing of endless hours working out our physic and trying to “bulk up” and “sculpt” our bodies how about working out our strongest and most important muscle, our sentient, compassionate hearts… How about sculpting our character? Our values, our morals? How about growing our love and kindness towards one another?

Instead of colouring our hair? How about colouring the world with more shades of joy?
Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, both the winners of the genetic lottery and us mere mortals will all perish and decompose the same way, no matter the colour or style of the fibres constituting our bodies or those covering it, wether we were a size six or sixteen, wether we donned the latest designer couture or recycled no brand…

Let’s not let beauty be an adjective reserved only to describe just a few genetically privileged individuals, let’s embrace and take appropriation of the word in all its glory and in a more worthwhile sense…
So to conclude, may I suggest that perhaps beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but in the heart of the bearer…

One which will always shine through.

So be beautiful, be you!

“She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald


It’s a constant wonder… A constant thought… Isn’t there more to life than simply fulfilling flesh desires?
What happens when I let go off my ego, what happens when I dissolve into my true nature, into pure presence, into simply being…
Who am I when I let go off the self constructed and imposed armour I squeeze myself into everyday?
Am I not more than simply a tittle, a name,  an occupation, a look, a number?
Isn’t there more to this life than simply what my myopic eyes can see, what my untactile skin can perceive and my limited mind comprehend?…
Why is it that I spend my days trying to fulfil the same mundane tasks of superfluous “achievement”?
What happens when I drop the facade and pantomime?

When my body is reaching its end will my soul be satisfied with the life my humanity allowed? Or will it curse this human carcass and the illusions it limited me to while in trance in this dimension?
My soul is restless; it quietly whispers to me each day it’s queries yet the noise of the world is so loud I almost can’t hear it…
It’s only when I compassionately turn my attention inward that it speaks to me about its worries and longings…
It’s only then when the communion begins, between this finite earthly me and my transcendent soul.
I don’t know what other worlds there are but I’m certain they exist, for my soul knows it’s not from here. It knows it’s a a stranded traveller in a foreign land of concrete mystic.
So when I’m on my death bed I wonder if my soul will be still and content and say “I can rest”.
I lived this one precious human life to the “best of my ability”, what does that even mean? Well for me it’s not about how much gold or earthly commodities I gathered but about how much my soul was able to fill its eternal granaries of love, of joy, of compassion, of peace and serenity.
It’s about how well I manufactured all the pain and suffering this world threw my way into lasting and non-depreciable life lessons. It’s about how well I learned to carry my battle scars, how graciously I learned to step in this world, not leaving behind withered grass and destruction but seeds of hope and sprouting new life.
It’s about how well my heart communicated with other hearts and outstretched arms in brotherhood offering a caring helping hand. It’s about how many other anguished souls my eyes could actually see when I peered into a hazy, cold world. How many trees of kinship, of friendship I planted and cultivated, how much of its fruit I harvested and enjoyed.
This is what my soul longs for and I’m glad it knows. I’m glad it’s wiser than I’ll ever be… if only I listen.
So this is my resolve; to live my life true to my hearts desire, to hear the calling of my soul.
And that is simply love; my duty is to love myself and where I come from and my neighbour as much as myself. To rise above all the filthy hate I grapple on this tainted world.
To walk on this earth, yet not become earthly. To honor my soul.

When we are in dreams awake…


“To be yourself, in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Why should I sensor, chop and cut myself so that I can fit societies expectations of me? Or more like, what the frightened and insecure part of my ego thinks is expected of me? Truth is nobody really cares, and if they do, that’s their problem not mine.
I’m tired of striving towards something I don’t really believe in, I’m tired of feeling guilty for wanting what I want and forcing myself to aspire towards goals I see no real benefit in.
Having a high paying job, a “successful career”, paying a mortgage, investing in property, procreating other humans?
Does any of this appeal to me? Not really.
So what do I want in life? There might’ve been a time when I wouldn’t have given this question much thought or discarded it as egocentric or irrelevant but after spending years being a passive vagabond and basically a victim of my circumstances, at the mercy of the tide… I’ve arrived at the conclusion that one else can take responsibility for my life other than me and so I can’t let life outlive me but rather the other way around…
And it’s in this realisation where my power lies and the transformation begins…
So to answer my question…
I don’t mind sounding cliche (maybe cliches are there for a reason?) when I say I want to live each day of my life like the sacred miracle it is… I want each day to be filled with endless adventures, with pure love and magic… I want my life to be a living testament and ode to love and the tenacity of the divine human spirit. I want to realise my dreams with which I mean literarily living out my fantasies, the ones I would’ve put on the back burner because “being realistic” that’s just not sensible, responsible, possible… According to who? To this capitalistic western society that’s doing it best to dull our sparkle and turn us into its soulless, minions, who are regrettably made to conform and waste away their infinite potential…
Truth is I truly believe that just like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”,  I believe and am not afraid to pursue them anymore.
Call me a fool, call me a dreamer, so be it. This is my life and my existence and I intend to do with it what my heart desires, not what the media or the millions of hypnotised zombies tell me to.
Just like everyone else I came into this world, naked and alone, nothing especial, without much to give other than my heart and soul, and that’s what I intend to do. Live and love each day, as if it was my first and last, because it might just be… There are no guarantees in life and also no rain checks. If I’ve learnt something in my time on this planet is that the future is uncertain and that the only thing constant is change, no matter how hard we try control and predict our circumstances and hold on to illusions of security and stability… Life, the world, the universe is forever changing and moving in ways that as mere humans we just can’t begin to comprehend, and trying to fully understand and control it, is embarking in a frustrating dead end, futile task… So I’ve to come to the conclusion that I’m better off honouring the constant wonder of change, embracing the uncertainty, the many mysteries… Making peace with insecurity, expecting the unexpected… Only then I find real freedom and begin to really tune into the flow of life, accepting the request and merging with the acrobatic dance of life, of things as they are…
As me being a finite being, merely another ego having some illusion of self, the universe manifesting itself in my personhood for a limited period of time… For what reason? That’s only up to me to answer, and for me personally, I choose for it to be love in all it’s possible manifestations…
I don’t know how long it’ll be until I leave this earth, until my consciousness obliterates and my time is over… All I know is the clock is ticking and I have no more time to waste, giving away my power, standing by the sidelines, watching seasons change while repressing the impulse of life inside me, watching my days slip through my fingers like water going down an eternal drain with no return, existing but not truly living…
So I’ve come to the conclusion, as mistaken as I might be, that dreams are there for a reason, and that’s just not to entertain our nights and wonder at their awesomeness or ridicule them as outlandish but rather to propel us into action when the morning comes… They are messages from the heart, callings of the soul, although sadly it can take whole lifetimes for us to pick up their call… Because we are too busy with our 9 to 5s, thankfully dreams are forgiving and persist, always leaving a message and making a date, which benignly, as long as we are still breathing it’s never too late to show up to.
I wonder what sort of world it would be if we would all wake up to our infinite dormant potential?… To the magic we carry inside us but sadly and obliviously don’t realise or have scrubbed out of us as we grow up and so we forget or give up…
What would happen if instead of going around our lives anaesthetised, completing monotonous meaningless tasks, in our black and white, one dimensional worlds, ruled by a “reason” we don’t even understand, all the while silencing our hearts, resigning ourselves to half lived life’s, consoling ourselves with excuses, making promises to ourselves that “one day” we’ll do the did, that one day we’ll start living….
What would happen if we all connected to our higher purpose, as the magnificent, ingenious human agents that we are? If we rejected an existence as just inert, disposable pawns in this game of life and instead lived from our hearts, and embraced our power bringing about change, manifestations, creations only we can conceive and realise… It’s mind-bobbling for me to think that there will never be another you, thinking and feeling exactly what you are thinking and feeling, right here, right now, so don’t let this minute go astray, your life un-lived…

Fully inhabit your presence and honour your existence, make it count…


Where your treasure is…

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be”
― Abraham H. Maslow
I will argue, is perhaps one of the greatest, if not the chief evil of our modern day, materialistic yet supposedly advanced human race ….
Money or our current economic arrangements, I will argue, are perhaps both the evil mastermind and also the callous executory mechanism systematically manufacturing millions of slaves… Routinely giving birth to millions of walking dead worldwide; who unfortunately appear to be mostly sheepishly and naively unaware of their cruel fate.
I can’t help but notice when I look at the way our society works nowadays that sadly, the futile and absurd pursue of money and the mythical “financial security or stability” has turned the naturally free-spirited, original, inventive and sensitive human into just another cold and hollow nut in the well oiled machine of capitalism we are all hoodwinked into being a part of.
It’s heartbreaking to think of the endless millions of lost ideas and ideals… All the frustrated possibilities; frustrated artists, frustrated dreamers, frustrated healers… All because of the need to pay for our existence.
It doesn’t make sense.

No one chose to be born and willingly occupy space  in this planet, no one purchased a ticket catapulting themselves into existence… Yet we are forced to pay the enormous outstanding debt this society imposed upon us the moment we start breathing, almost as if having to literarily buy the oxygen to fill our lungs…
The thought of it is ridiculous! Yet as a society we are happy to go along with the status quo?
Are we not aware that money is not a natural element of creation? Are we not aware that money, currency, the whole economic system is all a recent human invention, which in my opinion is  causing us more harm than good…
As a species how is money helping us evolve? How is money helping us connect to our higher purpose and nature?
On the contrary money keeps us stuck as pedantic troglodytes only worrying about striving for commodities to merely fulfil our sole survival…
Sure, we might not be running from feral four legged predators anymore but in reality we are still very much living in a wild concrete jungle, where savage animalistic predators still exist and primitive tribal combat is still very much latent… Where woefully, if we want to merely survive as standard compliant members of society we need some little metal coins or preferably a piece of plastic containing virtual figures which we can exchange for paper notes in exchange for, in the most basic level, our survival, our right to exist and if we are so lucky actually thrive on this planet…

Our intrinsic worth, our being, reduced to and dependent on these inert objects and fictional numeric ruling which for some reason we’ve chosen to be subservient to and to give more value to than our own precious souls…

Sure, our surroundings might’ve changed, our dens and vestiment might appear different, seemingly upgraded to lavish and comfortable looking exteriors but at the core our every day concerns of having enough resources to survive remains very much the same…
It might not about who’s the fastest runner or best hunter anymore but it’s about who’s got the economic smarts or financial wit about them to navigate the ever fluctuating economic market or I guess in some cases just the literal plain good fortune to have been born into a nest of gold or stumble upon a profitable enterprise at any given time…
To see our society as evolved, sophisticated or enlightened is to be suffering from the collective delusion society itself does it best to place upon us from the moment we are born…
We call ourselves civilised even though we are constantly at war, killing each other in both the figurative and literal sense everyday.
If money in itself was any good, if currency was necessary for our existence, for our survival, for our thriving as a species wouldn’t the lives of the richest of man be by now living proof that indeed money is the indicated instrument compulsory to bring about human flourishing? Yet the very mundane destinies of the monetary privileged few our society has produced are living proof that this is not the case time and time again…
It seems to me that although at some level we profess to know that money doesn’t equate to real wealth and that no amount can buy us eaudemonia we still can’t help to fall victims to the false propaganda and glistening allure of the money hungry epidemic.
It appears that wether we like it or not, we are all coerced to enter this financial monopoly of a society, and once we do, we either become hooked on the insatiable quest for more dollars for the simple sake of satisfying the addiction in itself and so convert to the “financial success” religion or we become disillusioned, bitter and resentful yet sadly nonetheless trapped in a system virtually impossible to escape.

For the sake of playing devils advocate and assuming the supposed scenario where currency, as we know it, was really vital to human survival, and if the lack of economic progress really was the issue handicapping human evolution, it’s certainly not the shortage of resources or their equivalent in money that’s the problem but the inequality with which this wealth is dispersed and managed on a global sphere.

And I believe that this is not an issue that the most cunning economist or any more advances in scientific faculties can resolve, but an issue which commences in the human heart and only a deep hard look into our collective consciousness can decipher… Yet it’s also one we get more and away from with each passing decade and each economic crisis…

Instead of looking within into our hearts and assessing our moral standing balance and spiritual assets, we are too busy looking into our wallets, pulling out our calculators and working out a budget that sadly will never provide for our real needs and satisfy our souls…

“What do you do?” Code for, “how much money do you make?” Code for, “how much are you worth?” Code for, “how much is your existence valued at?” This is now the equation we have degraded our humanity to.

Isn’t it sad how we have devalued our worth to mere made up numbers…
Isn’t it sad that wether we like it or not we are forced to contemplate the way we intend to spend our precious life’s based on how many numbers our chosen occupation can accumulate in a virtual vault we will never see…
Isn’t it sad how even in this day and age in the 21st century, after 200,000 years of existence (or thereabouts depending on which theory you choose to subscribe to) we are still forced to give up our innate gifts and talents, our dormant potential for creativity, for transcendence, and all then uniquely sensitive aspects of what makes us humans and in many cases not just our childhood dreams and aspirations but high held morals too just to toil?

To be subject to a system that literally slowly but surely extinguishes the spark of life out of you…

In which way are we advancing human kind? The way I see it we are just as ruthless, just as vengative and selfish now as we were back when we first started our brutish tribal rows…
I believe that if we, as humanity in general, truly wanted to, we would’ve solved world hunger, all territorial disputes and every other economic and political strife causing the growing division and deeply rooted network of bigotry we actually have… If we would’ve really “advanced” as a species, in fact, none of the above would be an issue at all by now?…. If we think we are so clever….
But maybe our intelligence or lack of ingeniosity isn’t the problem?… After all haven’t we succeeded in advancing ourselves from the Stone Age to our technology plagued, “artificial intelligence” era…
Maybe the dilemma with human kind is a more intrinsic, more sensitive one… One which we have always been too ambivalent to touch… Or should I say to feel.
I think the problem resides in a territory which remains very much unchartered land even to modern man; I think the problem starts in our hearts and consciousness, in the eternal battle between good and evil, love and hate.
We have designed, invented theories, instruments and a whole civilisation designed to appear sophisticated and ethereal superficially… yet the core our humanity and spiritual understanding remains just as unexplored and mythical to us now as it was back then… Daunting even, to some of us, so much so that we prefer to discard it as an inconvenient, trivial and irrelevant aspect of our existence…
Nonetheless, that is not to say that across the ages the preoccupation with pursuing and cultivating other types of riches has also been latent even if only within the minorities…
Thus, the endurance of these minorities, the preservation and fostering of ancient theories and practices of some form of, spirituality, religiosity (for lack of a better word) to account for the philosophies and rituals of some sort of transcendence of the human spirit is proof that this aspect of our being is a very real one which cannot be outdated or outgrown and therefore should not the neglected but embraced, and now more than ever explored.
What would happen if instead of spending all our efforts pursuing material treasures and forging earthly empires which will sooner or later devalue and collapse, we concentrated our abilities in educating and polishing our values, our character, our essence, our souls…
When will we not only realise but also do something about the glitzy financial shackles which keep us oppressed under the dictatorship of a faceless yet relentless master we call money…

So in light of this conundrum, what are we to do…?

As the seemingly feeble dependent individuals that we are, when faced with the reality of this economic monstrosity that is our current financial system or should I say enslaving scheme?..

I believe that as individuals, although insignificant and irrelevant at first sight, we all possess the agency and therefore have the potential and capacity to slowly break free of the wrath of this savage Wall Street monster.

I believe that even if realistically we might not be able to altogether escape the whole net of systematic abuse, we certainly can make conscious choices which will allow us to live our lives prudently and thriftily, with ingenious and independents spirit, while at the same time developing a true community of compassionate giving and taking, of sharing without interest or prejudice but rather one that’s based on the common greater good of honouring our souls, our God-given talents and intrinsic worth as precious humans which no amount of earthly riches can match.

So even though I don’t think this an uphill or easy road but rather maybe the epic quest of our lifetimes, and even though I don’t I think I will live to see utopia realised in our planet… I think this is something we can all aspire to regardless of wether we achieve it or how far we fall short from the ideal. I think that as the sapient and sentient beings that we are, we are all called to uphold and honor the responsibility of making this planet a welcoming home not just for ourselves but our fellow man and all living creatures as well.
So for me, personally, this means that I will make mindful decisions of how I choose my occupations, regardless of how many pennies I receive in exchange. The way I spend my time and talents will not be dictated by the market or economic forecast, I will not be priced and tagged like cattle but rather I will choose to make bold, but determined, courageous decisions to spend my time and talents in ways which honour my soul and feed my spirit, trusting that my body too will be fed and clothed. Trusting that He will provide, trusting that I am, that we all are and have enough.


To be human(e)

“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.” Anne Frank
It has come to my attention… This is simply an observation…
That I wonder… at what stage in the timeline of our existence did we become so self-centered, so self-righteous, (both individually and as a species), to the extent that we act as if we’ve seemingly forgotten or never recognised our common humanity; and instead treat each other as commodities and menacing strangers to be overcome, instead of as brother and sister, all parts of the same puzzle?
Is it simply our human nature? Are each and everyone of us naturally born with inbred egos, consumed by fears concerning our sole survival which therefore lead us to be constantly seeking to advance ourselves above the rest, looking out for own best interest in both conscious and overt ways as well more subtle manners?

Should I then be resigned and abide by my selfish nature?

However, isn’t it also the attribute of having an innate leaning and propensity towards benign feelings and acts of love and kindness, even trough times of hardship, the flagship standard and one we take great pride on, which differentiates us humans from other animals? Isn’t it implied in the definition of our species the capacity to be benevolent and, redundancy notwithstanding, to be humane?
So then I wonder, does it all come down to which wolf we decide to feed?

Sadly, I see people all around me trading each other as utilities, as things with limited and depreciative value and a very latent expiration date rather than as mirrors of ourselves.
Sadly, it appears the modern society that we live in has programmed us to go around our business like egotistical robots, only working towards mechanically building our own impenetrable steel empires, in constant competition with the neighboring nation. Why? At what point did we forget our true nature, where we came from and where we are going? Man and woman, all human, all finite, all coming into this world incredibly scared and alone without the slightest idea of what we are doing or where we are going… All spectators and performers in this grand mystery that is life. So I wonder, why not take heart on this conundrum and embrace our collective confusion and incompetency instead of trying to undo each other?

Truth is, I’m tired of living in eternal competition, to win, to thrive… Survival of the fittest? That’s not my style, and I believe that’s certainly no human kind.

Sadly, I can’t help but notice that as a species we have succeeded in inventing more ways to categorize and divide ourselves instead of spending our efforts in manufacturing bridges of communion and harmony, in drafting up philosophies and strategies to bring union and closer relations neighbour to neighbour.

I find this bamboozling given our self-imposed status as sapient beings, supposedly “evolved” in understanding and “science”, yet from the crib to our day and age, we still haven’t figured out how to simply get along…

Perhaps it is because we are so caught up with our figures and our numbers that we are too quick to judge and condemn. Too caught up in our mortal and materialistic understanding of the physical world that we limit ourselves to live a shallow experience and dangerously neglect other important aspects of our humanity, that beyond which our senses can perceive?

It seems to me we live in a one dimensional world ruled by our narrow minds and flesh desires that sadly we forget or choose to overlook the dimension of the divine, the spiritual, the emotional, that which we intuit yet struggle to decipher and be in tune with…
The unknown and foreign territory to our logic and reason yet that which our hearts and souls long to be in touch with and get back to …
Truth is we share all share same beating hearts, the same life giving blood running through our veins, and basically the same hundreds of billions of neurons firing in our skulls creating our perception of the world as we know it… Truth is, we all came into this world alone, naked and helpless, multitudes of us, at first glance insignificant, without much to offer other than the infinite potential lying dormant within us, for better or for worse…

So then, this is my pray and plea…

To see past the facade and pantomime, past the many walls and fences we have built up, past the confinement of our armours and shells which keep us “safe” yet alienated, past the many credos and doctrines we choose to subscribe to, past all the differences we use as barriers and instead look at the same eyes, at the soul all we keep inside, with openness, with love, as my own.

Because I believe there’s no age, no race, religion, status or other virtual boundaries which can keep us alienated when we connect with open hearts.

I refuse to give into this “dog eat dog” idea of the world.

I refuse to be just another pawn waiting to be used and rapidly discarded and I refuse to treat my fellow humans that same way.

I refuse to treat my fellow humans as disposable utilities liable to external fluctuations of character and social standing, always in impeding danger be exchanged or traded up at any time.

I refuse to have to subject my fellow humans to purposeful tasks and rituals in order to prove their worth and standing in the world.

I refuse to let my acquaintances have to jump through hoops to be granted my attention and affection

My intention is for each and every person in my life to rest assured they are loved, well truly. Not because of anything they’ve said or done or because of any possible expectation I may have of them, but simply because that’s the nature and law of the universe, of harmony, of love.

My aim is for each and every person I come in contact with to know that they matter as much as the next.

I choose to live my life free of prejudice, preconceptions and stigmas. I refuse to sign the book of conduct society imposes upon us.

Why am I to reserve to love and affection to only a preselected few?
My aim is to let each and every person I come in contact with to know there’s a reason that they are walking in this earth… And even though that reason may not be as grandiose as our egos would like them to be, I’d like them to rest assured that we are all perfectly positioned in the universe as we are right here, right now.

With this, although I know I might not be able to change the world I known I can certainly change mine, and hopefully someone else’s too.
And I know I’m not alone, so please help me Lord:
“For my ego to dissolve each day more and more.
To surrender into the universe, to become one with the heavens and ocean, the wind and the starts. To live in communion with the laws of your Divine Providence and abide in the wisdom of things as they are. To learn to love the mysteries each day more and more. To give up my own agenda and petty ego games. And instead to be an instrument of your power, of your superhuman, incomprehensible love.”

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My heart

My heart: 

My heart is a well; a never-ending well out of which thick rich infinite emotion gushingly pours…
Out comes pain,  out comes sorrow, sometimes showers of joy and gaiety, sometimes stillness, quiet waters reflecting back at me.
I was both blessed and cursed with having this instrument of crisp raw flesh made to feel and perceive everything so deeply, so vividly.
When I’m sad, I feel it in my bones; when I’m glad my eyes smile.
I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to tame this wild beast that is my heart, but maybe hearts are not meant to be tamed but embraced.
So then my task is to befriend the most potent force in my being, that which gives life to my existence.
But sometimes when it hurts I wish I could just stop its flow. I see the crimson red gushing out, tainting my skin and dripping bloody tears all over my life… “Are you OK heart?” asks my concerned mind. “You are hurting, you are in pain and there’s nothing I can do to stop it” it exclaims in desperation.
But in fact heart, you are quite happy to be host to a myriad of emotions, all shades of pain, all shades of joy. “Let me roam free” you tell me as I see you prolifically be in your element.
Maybe heart you are stronger than I am. You were made to withstand all that I can’t.
Heartbreak is your friend, you know disappointment too well, you are acquainted with anger, jealousy and fear. You long for awe and love and patiently wait for joy and serenity to come to play.
Maybe heart you are wiser than I am, you don’t discriminate, you know you’ll be alright, so you tell me “let me feel, let me be free, let me be me”.
So who am I to hold you back and suppress your talent, censor your true nature? Try as I may, your beats will go on…
And maybe your streams will water something beautiful, maybe your springs are the birthplace of a whirlwind of adventures coloring an otherwise monochrome life.
So although it isn’t always easy to carry you in my chest, I want you to be safe.
I want to honor you, respect you and give you your place.
Be free heart in all glory, feel heart.