When we are in dreams awake…


“To be yourself, in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Why should I sensor, chop and cut myself so that I can fit societies expectations of me? Or more like, what the frightened and insecure part of my ego thinks is expected of me? Truth is nobody really cares, and if they do, that’s their problem not mine.
I’m tired of striving towards something I don’t really believe in, I’m tired of feeling guilty for wanting what I want and forcing myself to aspire towards goals I see no real benefit in.
Having a high paying job, a “successful career”, paying a mortgage, investing in property, procreating other humans?
Does any of this appeal to me? Not really.
So what do I want in life? There might’ve been a time when I wouldn’t have given this question much thought or discarded it as egocentric or irrelevant but after spending years being a passive vagabond and basically a victim of my circumstances, at the mercy of the tide… I’ve arrived at the conclusion that one else can take responsibility for my life other than me and so I can’t let life outlive me but rather the other way around…
And it’s in this realisation where my power lies and the transformation begins…
So to answer my question…
I don’t mind sounding cliche (maybe cliches are there for a reason?) when I say I want to live each day of my life like the sacred miracle it is… I want each day to be filled with endless adventures, with pure love and magic… I want my life to be a living testament and ode to love and the tenacity of the divine human spirit. I want to realise my dreams with which I mean literarily living out my fantasies, the ones I would’ve put on the back burner because “being realistic” that’s just not sensible, responsible, possible… According to who? To this capitalistic western society that’s doing it best to dull our sparkle and turn us into its soulless, minions, who are regrettably made to conform and waste away their infinite potential…
Truth is I truly believe that just like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”,  I believe and am not afraid to pursue them anymore.
Call me a fool, call me a dreamer, so be it. This is my life and my existence and I intend to do with it what my heart desires, not what the media or the millions of hypnotised zombies tell me to.
Just like everyone else I came into this world, naked and alone, nothing especial, without much to give other than my heart and soul, and that’s what I intend to do. Live and love each day, as if it was my first and last, because it might just be… There are no guarantees in life and also no rain checks. If I’ve learnt something in my time on this planet is that the future is uncertain and that the only thing constant is change, no matter how hard we try control and predict our circumstances and hold on to illusions of security and stability… Life, the world, the universe is forever changing and moving in ways that as mere humans we just can’t begin to comprehend, and trying to fully understand and control it, is embarking in a frustrating dead end, futile task… So I’ve to come to the conclusion that I’m better off honouring the constant wonder of change, embracing the uncertainty, the many mysteries… Making peace with insecurity, expecting the unexpected… Only then I find real freedom and begin to really tune into the flow of life, accepting the request and merging with the acrobatic dance of life, of things as they are…
As me being a finite being, merely another ego having some illusion of self, the universe manifesting itself in my personhood for a limited period of time… For what reason? That’s only up to me to answer, and for me personally, I choose for it to be love in all it’s possible manifestations…
I don’t know how long it’ll be until I leave this earth, until my consciousness obliterates and my time is over… All I know is the clock is ticking and I have no more time to waste, giving away my power, standing by the sidelines, watching seasons change while repressing the impulse of life inside me, watching my days slip through my fingers like water going down an eternal drain with no return, existing but not truly living…
So I’ve come to the conclusion, as mistaken as I might be, that dreams are there for a reason, and that’s just not to entertain our nights and wonder at their awesomeness or ridicule them as outlandish but rather to propel us into action when the morning comes… They are messages from the heart, callings of the soul, although sadly it can take whole lifetimes for us to pick up their call… Because we are too busy with our 9 to 5s, thankfully dreams are forgiving and persist, always leaving a message and making a date, which benignly, as long as we are still breathing it’s never too late to show up to.
I wonder what sort of world it would be if we would all wake up to our infinite dormant potential?… To the magic we carry inside us but sadly and obliviously don’t realise or have scrubbed out of us as we grow up and so we forget or give up…
What would happen if instead of going around our lives anaesthetised, completing monotonous meaningless tasks, in our black and white, one dimensional worlds, ruled by a “reason” we don’t even understand, all the while silencing our hearts, resigning ourselves to half lived life’s, consoling ourselves with excuses, making promises to ourselves that “one day” we’ll do the did, that one day we’ll start living….
What would happen if we all connected to our higher purpose, as the magnificent, ingenious human agents that we are? If we rejected an existence as just inert, disposable pawns in this game of life and instead lived from our hearts, and embraced our power bringing about change, manifestations, creations only we can conceive and realise… It’s mind-bobbling for me to think that there will never be another you, thinking and feeling exactly what you are thinking and feeling, right here, right now, so don’t let this minute go astray, your life un-lived…

Fully inhabit your presence and honour your existence, make it count…



One thought on “When we are in dreams awake…”

  1. Life everyday as it is the last. Go to bed tired but satisfied, never give up life and the beautiful gifts that we are blessed with everyday. Always make time to say thank you, time to listen and time to love.
    Your words are beautiful Fio, I love you


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