No Precedent

An honorable human relationship — that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word “love” — is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.  – Adrienne Rich


So after many moons coming and going, after much research into the many theories and philosophies…. I’ve narrowed it down to this…
When it comes the four letter word, Love
The “romantical” type if you like,
The one you save to for the altar, I want a love like there’s one there’s never been before… No Romeo or Juliet or any other mythical tale.
I want a love without a precedent, one that’s going to make me cry tears of joy and tears of pain, as I grow, because real love is hard work, but it’s also fantastical and worth the trouble.
I want the kind of love that sets you free and resurrects you from the dead, I want a love soul deep, no pretension, no ego, no petty games, but playfulness…
I want the love I can bare my soul to and also make passionate love to.
I want a love with a honorable man, who has the guts to be himself, to be real, to be raw, to be vulnerable…
To accept he’s afraid, but still dare…
I want a goddam warrior of love, just like I am… someone who’s been to to hell and back knows which side he likes best…
So he works hard to make heaven on earth…
A man who knows nothing valuable in this life comes easy, but can still laugh and take delight at the little things in life…
Someone who can be happy with who he is, where he is and what he has while working for what he wants…
Someone who can be honest, that he’s got no idea what he’s doing, but he’s trying and he’s willing to work hard and everything once.
I want someone with a courageous, compassionate heart just like mine.
Someone who’s not afraid to love himself, and love me the same way, because we are both crooked and scarred but still worthy of a love divine.
Someone who knows there’s more to this life than the material things we leave behind, the knowledge our minds can amass, and feelings of a million things at once.
Someone who knows this life is made of little moments called now,
So he’s not willing to postpone, his dreams, his life, his love
Maybe I’m asking for a lot…
But when it comes to this “romantic” kinda love nothing else will do,
Because I want a love that can revolutionise the word.
Because that’s what love is and that’s what it does.
So I know I’m not asking for too much
Love is mysterious, everlasting and divine
Sadly, our society has distorted our views of love so much most of us don’t even know what we want when we say we are looking for love…
Thus, why sadly many so called “romantic enterprises” fail dismally time and time again.
Because most of the time this relationships are based on fleeting feelings of lust or physical attraction. Often times, the person we thought “we loved” and saw as our “saving grace”, who would offer us all the satisfactions we yearned for in a lover, disappoints us with their humanity. They weren’t in the end; all that we had fantasised them to be based on our expectations created by outside influences, our experiences of “love” in childhood and often what the media or culture around us preaches “love” should look like…
Oftentimes we are deceived with the idea, that a loving relationship should should look like two people meeting, “falling in love” at first sight, being totally compatible in everything, reading each other’s minds, hardly ever being in any conflict or disagreement and living together happily ever after? I think not.

The truth is, in my understanding, love, is a not just a fleeting feeling but a universal truth and cosmic force and virtue, which we have in all of us and it’s our moral duty to nurture and share this love, which translates into, kindness, compassion, understanding, patience, forgiveness towards every being in the planet, including ourselves, “good or bad” irrespective of our self righteous judgement, I really could and am called to love anyone and everyone. Especially those who we think are less deserving are those who need love the most.

But when it comes to this “life companion”, kind of love, where agape, philos and Eros, are combined, that is something else…
A true blessing from above, something designed by the divine, when you find that special someone who is just somehow “easier” to love than most.
That special someone who you feel this magnetising attraction to for some strange but wonderful reason, beyond physical exterior…
Who you feel a “connection” to that you just can’t understand, you’ve only just met but yet they are so familiar, and you can be so intimate with, as if you’d known them for a while already… somehow you feel secure and safe in their presence, someone who feels like home.
That someone who’s smile, makes you smile,
You want to best for them, and you are willing to sacrifice, make concessions and commit. But this comes with ease….
Although real love is hard work, with this special person is less so.
Because you both on the same boat, keeping afloat, paddling together to the shore
And you know, you won’t let go.
You are in it, for keeps, for real.
You are willing to work hard to make your garden bloom and shine with an ever present spring, but when winter comes, you’ll know that’s also, alright because the trees you planted have solid foundations, in a deep understanding of love, which can endure any weather.
So you treasure the garden and gardener, you’ve got beside…
Because for some reason with this one particular person…
You felt a sparkling soul connection,
Even though a there was million others who would’ve fit in all your intellectual boxes
And expectations of what love “should” look like…
Other’s who made you horny perhaps,
But there just was no magical spark, that “je ne sais quoi”
Which is only ignited by this one special person you feel drawn to…
Your soul recognising in the other clay from the same terrain…
A magnetising pull, almost instinctive hypnotism to this one special person…
Where as when with the million others, who intellectually qualified as potential lovers there was simply no, “divine spark”, even though you tried, but it just didn’t come…
This things, I’ve come to believe you can’t force, but they are mysterious blessings from above given to you when the time is right.
Your reason can’t explain, your ego tries to defend, and you are feeling perhaps, shit scared, excited, and a million things more at once, so just you have to surrender to this feeling of love inside.
To the universe and his funny ways…
Perhaps the answer will be revealed much later.
So when it comes to “relationships” and
love, I want that other soul, who to come home to at the end of the day,
And endlessly conversate about our days…
How it’s rough out there,
Someone you with you can rant and complain to, without fear of being judged.
Because you both understand you are not perfect; you are human, but that perfectly alright. You are still divine, in your beloveds eyes.
Someone you can be silly, confide with in the most childish and intimate things…
Someone whom with you sulk, and then discuss what was behind all of that, healing the wounds from the past.
Someone who inspires you to be a better man, but still accepts your broken self.
I want the love that can heal, it hurts but it’s real… the love that is not afraid of tenderly exposing the wounds, suppurating the pus…
And gently, lovingly, soothingly, sensually, little by little, letting the pain drain away….
Becoming a better a man, by the side of your beloved…
Not by hiding our vulnerabilities and insecurities, but by being authentic and grounded
And so transcending your egoistic humanity. Accepting each other as broken and flawed but still intrinsically worthy of love.
Two souls helping each other evolve.
And why not, heal the world, because we’ve done our work, what else are we here for?
This is what I want, not to satisfy my ego, but liberate my soul… and my beloveds too.
Someone who inspires you to be a better man, but still accepts your broken self.
Someone who’s willing to go with you go on this roller coaster, you don’t know what love would look like, but that’s alright, you are making it up, as you go along…
Theres no blueprints stablished, thats all rubbish…
Your writing your own version of happily ever after, guided by your loving heart.
By the divine; rising above the ego, and ways this world tells you “love” should be like so…
You make your own rules, your own vocabulary, your own tribe.
You found one of your kind, and that’s a blessing divine.
And sometimes we’ll just sit together in silence,
Because our souls are communicating in ways our minds are not understanding…
So we just let go,
And embrace in passionate love.
Love is an intimate friendship set on ardent fire, that’s true.
But sadly most people don’t even know what friendship is,
Keeping it all at surface level, we hide behind our ego…
Friends are someone you can be frank to and they accept you,
Friends are so hard to come by; because we are all so screwed up…
So to find love, that’s something from another world, something worth fighting for, and dying for.
When I’m on my death bed, its ok if I have a million regrets…. of things I “should’ve done”, but I don’t want one of them to be not loving hard enough, with all my heart.
That’s my mission in life.
To love and to let everyone know, love is the only way to go and antidote to all the ailments of the world.
And when I find that special person with whom to tango.
I won’t let go, in fact I couldn’t even I tried, because our destiny would already be written in the testament of the stars.
It’s true, I love everyone…
But with this one special creature, I would let them know day and night how much they mean to me, how I’m so so glad they are alive…
I would write poetry about them all the time, they’d inspire stories in me I never knew I had…
With this one special person, we would face hell and it’ll be ok though, because we are both warriors in love, with the most potent weapon, there’d be nothing we can’t face
With this one special person, we’d grow old together, we’ll see how time draws lines in our face and our bodies deteriorate; yet we’ll still love and be attracted to each other, because what unites us is beyond the cover…
We’d understand each other with just a look, we’d know what’s going on, our minds would be in synchronicity, we’d understand each other’s moods and looks, yet at the we’d still surprise each other, because we are different and cherish our differences, we’d let there be space in our togetherness, and encourage each other to pursue our individual dreams and respect our autonomy and admire our different abilities so we’d communicate our wishes and feelings clearly and honesty, without pretention or fear, but eventually after the many years it would all be almost effortless, because our communication is just great, we both understand the foundations for a solid relation.
With this one special person…
I don’t know what it would like…
But I’m exited, I can’t wait, but I must be patient… to find out
Maybe we’ll marry
Maybe we won’t
Have children? I don’t know….
Because the story is not just up me, but we’ll write it together with the prince who decides to his reserved place next to me and together we’ll sail this ship, into our own horizon and treasure island.
Where we’ll live happily ever after, we’ll make sure of that, because we’ve been to hell and back and we know which side we like.
We’ll create our own paradise.
All I know is this love won’t have a precedent.
Nothing like it, ever before.

“For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks… the work for which all other work is but preparation.” Rainer Maria Rilke


To Love Oneself…

To love oneself…

What does this even mean?
We all have different understating of the word love…
A fleeting irrational, animal response? A mere feeling?

Most often people relate the word love, to “romantic love” between two people, in a relationship, but even the meaning and understanding of what a relationship is so distorted nowadays… We are more “connected” than ever, but more isolated than ever before, especially from our own selves. The only real home and sure source of love we’ll ever find, our own souls.

I believe real love is more than just a feeling.
Real love is a verve, and a most potent sacred force making the world go around…
Unfortunately, language often impedes us to make sense and even express of all our feelings…
The same with love, which yes, is also a feeling of affection, care…
Eros love, includes attraction and feelings of lust…
But real love goes beyond fleeting momentary feelings, real love is a virtue and a divine gift.
I shall attempt to deconstruct or sketch a clear picture of what this love looks like:
First of all, real love encompasses the words:
Precede the word “unconditional” before all the above…
Now I could go into defining each of the above as well, but I trust we can all look up the meaning of the afore mentioned and get a clear understanding of what they all mean.
Although these words might look all “fluffy” and rosy, rainbows and butterflies, spring everywhere…
They are actually the most difficult things to practice, for us humans, trapped in our ego shells, but they are the most powerful and redeeming forces for any one of us.
So when it comes to self love, where to start?

First by accepting yourself, sounds simple right? Easier said than done.
Accepting our messy, broken selves who everyday we try to change according to societies expectations of what we “should be” as humans.
From a young age we are made to feel inadequate and ashamed of our short comings, some more than others….
So this is the beginning, accepting who you are warts and all, and realising you are not just your “mistakes”, “defects”, but realising that these things are actually what shape you into the unique wonderful individual that you are.
Realising that it is through these struggles you are actually being polished into the diamond that you are.
Realising that there’s nothing wrong with you, you are just the way god, the universe, the providence, nature, whatever you wanna call it intended you to be… Perfectly you.
This is the first step to self love.

Acknowledging yourself in all your glory as not just a pile of negative adjectives of everything the world told you, you “should be”, but being real with the truth of who you are, and being proud of that. Sure, you are not perfect, you could have a million defects which you want to change but we all do, but the first step in changing or “improving” any of those defects or bettering yourself in any way, is by first acknowledging who you are in the first place, acknowledging and loving ourselves into “better” versions of ourselves, not outcasting or berating ourselves for certain parts we are not quite proud of or we don’t like.

For example you could have a fiery temper, and tend to feel anger which you often try to deny, keep contained or reflect onto other people, until eventually you explode… and then you give yourself even more of a hard time for “losing control”, or being an asshole, or a bad person or whatever the condemning thought might be.
The first step is to have compassion towards ourselves, for having all these feelings and unhelpful thoughts, being human and vulnerable and simply not perfect.
Then gently, being aware of certain tendencies or unhelpful habits we might’ve picked up throughout the years for whatever reason, and try to transform them into something more helpful for ourselves and others.
For example that anger, passion, all that energy can be a powerful force for transformation, for taking action towards a noble cause with compassion and benevolence above all. Because we know hate or any destructive action doesn’t benefit anyone, it only damages all parties involved.

So it’s about acknowledging yourself in all your glory and go from there…
To illustrate this, in my experience, I’ve always been an anxious person for as long as I can remember, given my “difficult” upbringing, trauma etc…
For years I tried to negate, hide this anxiety and deep sadness I felt, I just didn’t want to acknowledge them because the feelings where too painful, they were real, but I thought they were a nuisance I had to ignore and just “get on with it”. I lived totally disconnected from my emotions, trapped in my mind, telling myself how “I should” feel instead of owning up to my feelings and which lead to years of destructive behaviour. First of all, I hated myself for all the things I should be and I wasn’t, I hated myself for all my “mistakes”, so often I kept myself isolated, I lived behind a mask, never showing my true self, all my pain. It was only when I opened the doors of my own heart to myself that I could be free…

I started to feel deep compassion for myself, because my anxiety and sadness where there for a reason, I’d had a difficult past, I’d gone through some very rough things that would leave anyone sad and anxious, and there was nothing I could do about the past, the past was done, but my emotions which I didn’t allow myself to feel, where still stuck there because I never allowed myself to process them…
So I started by accepting my past and the feelings that came with them, and realising how it was ok to feel everything that I was feeling. What’s more, I realised these experiences where actually a gift, these deep suffering allowed me to become a more compassionate person towards those in pain, these experiences taught me how to forgive, myself and others.
These experiences taught me the way to love.

Now I realise, there’s no such thing in the universe as mistakes, everything happens for a reason even if we don’t realise it or understand it at the time, everything is a lesson, everything is working towards the evolution of our better selves…

So back to loving myself,
This means forgiving myself for all my mistakes, things on retrospective I could’ve done better? But hey! We all try to do the best we can with what we have with what we have and what we know at the time, so what’s the point in dwelling on the past?
We can only learn, and move on, wiser than before.
Second, loving myself means being true to myself, in all aspects.
First, it means acknowledging my past, all it’s pain and owning it. It means acknowledging all my emotions, not judging them as good or bad, just allowing them to be there, and have compassion for how hard it is sometimes to feel a million things at once that my brain can’t even process.
Loving myself means chasing my dreams, it mean having the courage to break out of my shell and create a life I’m proud of, a live that reflects my values….
Loving myself means loving others around me as well, and not being ashamed of this love, not being scared of being who I am but beaming proudly all this Love I carry within me because, heck it’s a treasure I’ve worked hard to find, literally through many years and tears.
In practical terms it means, acknowledging all my moods, all my physical sensations and acting mindfully to take care of each one. It means being present to my life every second. Being grounded in love.
It means accepting my body as it is, scarred, hairy and all.
It means nourishing it with healthy food, it means giving it the rest it needs.
It means taking care of my mind, nourishing it with wisdom, allowing it to rest and have some fun as well.
It means taking care of my emotions and listen to what they are trying to tell me…
It means making peace with myself, from the constant war… it means working with me not against me…
It means unity, mind, body and spirit…
It means learning to trust myself, my gut, my intuition.
It means being true to my values and beliefs and not be ashamed of being who I am
It means having patience with myself…. having endless compassion for my ego and anxious mind.
It means living a life that makes me happy even if others don’t understand…
It means being in touch with my real self, my soul, endless love.
It means being a compassionate, nurturing mother towards myself.
It means being deeply aware at every time of what I’m feeling and thinking, and grounded, respond accordingly.
It means being mindful and present to my life.
It means acknowledging all my desires and feelings and not keep them exiled or be ashamed of them.
It means reconciling my heart and mind.
It means spreading that love I have within me with others and everyone around me in any way I can…
It means trying to make the world a more loving place.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”
― Socrates

Of the business of human relations…

“To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

When it comes to matters of the heart, mine and that of others, I don’t plan to discriminate, manipulate or engage in any other sort of petty games, which sadly society promotes and we have come to expect as the norm…
Who’s worthy, who’s not, who comes first and who can wait…
In my eyes we are all the same.
The idea of reserving a special someone to love and to hold sounds appealing to the selfish little child in me who is crying for attention. However, when I let go off my egocentric tendencies and fears and lean into my true nature of expansive love, then there is space in my heart for not just the one single being but for every person I come in contact with, for every soul.
When I am aware of my true nature then the need to have someone love me privately and exclusively disappears, because I’m already filled with everlasting love.
The trick is tuning into our true nature instead of walking around like soldier zombies, hypnotised charging against each other.
As a 27 year old female, I write this perhaps disillusioned by our current dating culture and philosophy.
The idea of finding one perennial life partner by hastily sifting through a narrow strainer an endless pile of potential candidates is an impractical and cold hearted mechanism which in my view diminishes our worth and undervalues our dynamic capacity as complex and multidimensional human beings, and so is a system which just doesn’t cater for properly exploring and getting to know the multiple layers of what makes each person truly unique.

Put simply, in my view, this modern commercialised society we live in has managed to turn even our “love lives” into an industrialised, profit-driven enterprise in which we are encouraged to quickly judge a book by its cover, and as with every other aspect of our life’s, when it comes to relationships as well we are encouraged to want it “easy and fast” and always more or “better”. We peruse this human library so quickly and mindlessly that most of the time we don’t even get a chance to even read even the title, look at the year of publication or much less, inquire about the author or literary background.
Approaching relationships, and with this I mean human interactions in general, in this way we are not only ripping ourselves off but also doing a disservice to the our fellow humans in general.
Perhaps it is because we, as individuals hold a superficial and critical view of ourselves that we apply that same judgemental iron fist and prejudiced “selective” standards when assessing our possible suitors.
But yet at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done and we are lying in bed alone, assessing our humanity, our successes and shortcomings, we wishfully intuit that there’s got to be more to us than just what our current resume outlines and what our Facebook profile indicates, regardless of our current circumstances, regardless of what we did and didn’t do, beyond our human efforts for productivity… We sense that as humans, sapient and sensitive beings that we are, there’s got to be more to us, beyond our physical realities….
So why persevere in treating ourselves and others as machines or soulless objects I wonder? Have we depersonalised ourselves so much that we find ourselves living out the virtual realities we created. Where a profile on a flat screen can attempt to represent a complex and multifaceted human and so be “added” or “deleted” with just a click.

I refuse to treat others as merely objects who I can use and abuse to merely enhance my own self, and pump up my ego. I guess the phrase “arm candy” sadly sums up the way how we often approach our social life… Our directory of “contacts” is a wardrobe we often peruse and ponder as to who do we feel like “wearing” today…

I know it’s simply our human nature, but why is it that even when we are well aware of our selfish egocentric nature, when approaching others we still, automatically more often than not only think about what they can give us? How we can benefit from our interactions from them? Why not start thinking about the impact we can have upon others and strive to be a positive, kind and compassionate influence, maybe they never had? When did we forget that it is priceless, precious human lives we are dealing with?
So when it comes to “dating” or “romantic” relations,  I think I will stick to romancing myself first….

Not because I can’t find a date, ironically many will appear with just the simple flick of a finger, but because I refuse join in this derogatory charade of human interaction…

When did we forget to apply the “golden rule” to dating as to every other aspect of our lives..

When did we forget that when interacting with others we are given a truly sacred opportunity to influence a whole another world? I guess maybe because engaging with others in some way or another is a such common everyday practice that other people often become just part of the furniture… And so we’ve become de-synthesised to the importance and privilege of the experience and of all the underlying impending potential we are granted towards  making a positive difference in someone’s world…

So for me, especially when it comes to “dating” or any sort of courting ritual, the idea of toying around with another soul’s feelings and notions is a highly sensitive and critical yet empowering almost magical practice I will uphold with the care and responsibility it deserves. Having the opportunity to intimately engage with another being is a honour I don’t take lightly, but rather it’s a task I will embrace with all the love and awareness it deserves, treating others as I would treat myself, handling another persons heart with clean, loving hands.

I am done swiping people left or right, marketing myself and shopping around for others. I’m done treating others and being treated in an undignified way, reducing our humanity to less than what we deserve…

Having read “Dating for Dummies” I’ve decided to put it aside and not take any of its advice but rather regard it as unhelpful, antiquated, truly outdated (pun intended) information for pursuing human relations. One perhaps relevant in the romantic era when it was fashionable to walk around flaunting extravagant, awkward costumes, hiding their real, humble selves behind different masks, in more than just one sense, following absurd protocols and upholding a punitive hierarchy, but certainly not sound advice for our modern 21st century. We have advanced technology so much, how about updating and advancing the way we pursue human relations in a way which reflects the freedom and diversity of thought, equanimity, equality, justice we supposedly value?

So even if I can’t revamp the whole current dating market, which sooner or later is bound to crash, as a consumer myself I can begin by writing my own alternative handbook, or maybe start by just discarding all the limiting, archaic, pre imposed conventions of human relations. …

Life being so simple and us humans managing to make everything so hard… Love, so pure, so true, so readily available to and for all of us yet we’ve constructed a million and one obstructions preventing us from attaining and relishing in it, but rather making our life’s  a quest for the unnatainable “holy grail” of an ethereal concept we call “love”.

How can we possibly expect to make real connections with people, much less give love a chance to blossom if we approach the whole dating ritual as a sham? Whatever happened to showing a genuine interest in our fellow man? Embracing each other, instead of trying to outsmart one another?

So I’m getting back to basics, in my books honesty will always be the best policy. I’m done holding back my feelings and emotions, “playing hard to get” and keeping a “poker face” instead of being authentic, being real, being raw, putting my cards on the table and making real lasting connections. Sharing myself, my gifts and talents and anything else I can offer wholeheartedly without any ulterior motive or hidden agenda other than connecting, sharing in this wonderful life and hopefully being of some service and enhancing another’s experience…

Dating as a weekend sport is not my idea of fun. Making poor souls jump through hoops to obtain my attention doesn’t interest me, what’s the use in withholding my affection?

Since when did we have to rely on our dating itinerary to feel worthy, or be deemed as eligible bachelor/bachelorettes?

Seeking some sort of companionship out of boredom or need for stimulation are no longer options. I personally see no need to have another person take me out and spend time and money on me to simply inflate my self esteem, much less go out to dinners and movies or any other social engagement just so I am not alone or because I have nothing better to do.

“Benching” people, “ghosting” , “zombie-ing”, or “stringing” someone along are terms I have recently learned about for common yet toxic practices in our dating culture people engage in consciously or unconsciously, practices I am however, choosing to no longer take any part of. Spending precious mutual time and energy but most importantly manoeuvring with another’s existence just so I can feel “popular”, “keep my options open”, “play the field” or simply expand my social circle and keep my agenda full, are in my view vain and detrimental pastimes. I see no value in going through “dates” quicker than I change my underwear.

So for now the status is happily single and ready to consciously, lovingly, mingle.

And while I do hope and trust that one day a noble man will organically find his way and take his rightful place as my accomplice and copilot and together navigate though life, for now, I gaze at that vacant seat with dreamy, bright eyes… Happily relishing in my momentary liberating solitude…

Because I’ve realized there is a big difference between being alone and being lonely and the truth of is—I rather like it my own company.
I enjoy long evenings with myself, penning away my thoughts, romancing with my favourite authors or roaming through the markets, delighting my senses in the sights and sounds of the city, taking a bite of a juicy ripe plum, planning meals to entice my friends, taking mental notes for upcoming late night drunken philosophical conversations… About the world and our insanity…

I love unceremoniously signing out the top of my lungs to my favourite “feel good” lyrics, and licking from the spoon the delicious spices of my concoctions while I cook, and until a man comes along who will be content to watch me goofily dance barefoot in the kitchen while I cook for us, I’m alright with flying solo and table for one.

I don’t think it’s self-centered or self-absorbed saying this, but healthy. Because if we haven’t practiced loving ourselves first —then how can we ever properly love someone else?

There isn’t loneliness in dating myself—there’s peace because I am content in living and building the life of my dreams until someone else comes along who wants to stake a claim in it for good.

Someone who won’t think twice and will be proud to claim me as his woman—a man who will think my heart is my greatest feature and his heart will be his greatest feature too. A warrior, a golden hearted king among men, who will be regarded because of his intentions and loyalty, his morals, his courage and vulnerability.
And while my long hair may be soft against his bare chest, and my eyes may burn into his, it won’t be my physical features that we are attracted to but the dark corners of each other’s minds and souls —even the darkest corners we used to be scared to show.

A man with whom reciprocally, we will know and love our strengths and assets as well as our flaws and defects, especially our flaws and defects. A man who’s not just with me to pass the time or for obligation, or waiting around to see what I can offer him, but rather a man who’s made the conscious decision to be with me because he who knows the only thing I can guarantee him is a love with a wide and depth like he has never known before.

And so we’ll call each other lucky, not because we think we’ve “struck gold” and found a “perfect partner” or our “other half” but because we know choosing a partner is much like choosing your favourite pair of shoes; there will always be times when after we’ve made our purchase we see other pairs who may appear “better”, shinier, new models, Italian leather, ergonomic soles… and so we may second guess ourselves and wonder what it’s like to wear those other shoes, we may even be tempted to greedily purchase them as well, the possibility of “upgrading” is always there… yet we’ve already made the decision to buy a pair we like and fits just fine, so well wear them until well, they die….

And we’ll both be well aware that it won’t be “perfect”, we know it’ll be a bumpy ride but also the most thrilling and fulfilling ride of our lives, one we are both committed to enjoying by each other’s side through the ups and downs, twists and turns, holding each other’s hand and smiling for the camera as we go through the tunnel and into the final plunge.

So because it’s tough we’ll both keep going, pursuing our own different paths but coming home to each other at the end of the end day, a safe haven were we are not afraid to be unapologetically ourselves in all our glory. Accompanying each other, not out of need or momentary inclination dependant on variable fluctuating feelings or any other immature interest but because we’ve both made the conscious choice to share our sweet solitudes and offer our whole, messy wonderful selves to one another, in love.

But, until that happens—I have made the choice to stay true to my heart.

And just date myself.

“There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love.” – Erich Fromm